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Oshkosh Corporation takes nothing for granted. Like the vehicles we produce, we hold our organization to the highest standards of performance. That includes the comprehensive policies and procedures that govern the people of this company and how we choose to conduct business. Oshkosh Corporation's values are clearly understood and internalized by all employees. Our five compass points of honesty, integrity, accountability, respect and citizenship have remained as the foundation of our business. They are the basis for The Oshkosh Way, our code of ethics, and for our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Honesty - We are always true to others. We are truthful in all our endeavors. We are honest and forthright with everyone. We say what we mean, and do what we say.

Integrity - We are true to ourselves, our own moral principles, and our corporate values. We do the right thing even when nobody is watching. We make genuine promises, and our actions to fulfill them are honorable. We stand for what is right.

Accountability - We honor our obligations and keep the commitments we make. We speak up and report concerns in the workplace without fear of retribution. We seek clarification and guidance whenever we have questions. We donít seek to blame, but seek the truth to be able to improve all that we do.

Respect - We treat others with dignity and fairness. We are polite and courteous to one another under all circumstances. We appreciate the diversity of our workforce and our world. We celebrate the uniqueness of each person.

Citizenship - We obey the letter and spirit of all laws of all the countries where we do business. We do our part to make our communities, and our world, better places to live. We respect our environment.