ProPulse® Command Zone™
Side-Roll Protection™ Remote Diagnostics
TAK-4® Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology

Command Zone™ is Oshkosh's computer controlled, multiplexed electronics system that operates and diagnoses all major vehicle systems. The backbone of the Command Zone information system is a multiplexing technology that allows vehicle components to work together.

The engineers of Oshkosh applied this technology to our trucks to deliver local and remote diagnostics, envelope control to keep systems operating within established safety parameters, and automatic electrical power management. The Command Zone system can also give you real-time performance feedback, including vehicle speed, engine RPM, braking, accelerometer ratings and more. Plus, the system is more reliable and weighs less than a conventional electrical system because it typically has hundreds of fewer parts and connections.

Oshkosh first introduced this truck technology in 1999, and due to its success in the demanding fire service applications, expanded its use into military and other commercial trucks. Oshkosh has already fielded more than 1500 trucks equipped with Command Zone electronics.