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Oshkosh is a leader in the development of next-generation hybrid propulsion systems in heavy trucks. ProPulse® is an unmatched hybrid electric drive system that dramatically improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, improves life cycle costs, and serves as an on-board AC generator with enough output to power an entire airfield or hospital.

“This leading-edge technology is the first significant step toward the development of an entirely new generation of highly mobile and incredibly efficient trucks. Our focus is on enhancing performance characteristics while making trucks environmentally friendly,” said Wilson Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The ProPulse system uses a unique, modular series-hybrid arrangement to simplify the transmission of power to the wheels. The diesel engine powers an electric generator, which provides direct power to the wheels, eliminating the torque converter, automatic transmission, transfer case and drive shafts. The system has no batteries, using ultracapacitors for energy storage instead. A regenerative system uses the traction motors as generators for vehicle braking, storing the energy and then uses it during the next acceleration event, thus reducing wear and tear on the brake system.

ProPulse has applications for Oshkosh’s entire line of products, including defense, refuse hauling, fire and emergency, and other commercial markets. Oshkosh has applied for patents on various aspects of the ProPulse design.