ProPulse® Command Zone™
Side-Roll Protection™ Remote Diagnostics
TAK-4® Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology

Remote diagnostics give you the ability to diagnose a vehicle via modem using a laptop or PDA, offering the ultimate service support to our customers. Remote diagnostics are an extension of the on-board diagnostic systems, collecting and analyzing data from sensors located throughout the vehicle. This system then relays vehicle information to both operators and service areas via local and wide-area wireless networks, allowing customers or Oshkosh technicians to diagnose a truck's performance issues while that vehicle is still on the job or in the field.

Today, Command Zone™ advanced electronics provide the foundation for this revolutionary advance in truck maintenance, shifting maintenance operations from repairs to preventive maintenance. "Remote diagnostics can identify performance degradation before sight, noise or smell would normally identify a problem. Then the system can automatically schedule the needed maintenance without any manual action. This leads to less expensive repairs, almost eliminates catastrophic failures, stops fleet managers from having to find replacement vehicles on short notice, and helps minimize parts stocks," said Gary Schmiedel, Oshkosh's executive vice president of technology.

Remote diagnostics are available on a wide range of Oshkosh products, including fire trucks and defense trucks.