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The Pierce Side Roll Protection System is an industry first and represents a quantum leap forward in fire fighter safety. Integration of this unique occupant protection system demonstrates our on-going commitment to safety technology, and it confirms our leadership in designing and manufacturing leading-edge fire apparatus and specialty trucks. In fact, we were the first to install a side roll protection system in a Class 8 or above truck.

When the Side Roll Protection System senses a side-roll, using a microprocessor-controlled, solid-state sensing device, it tightens your seat belt, lowers the seat to its lowest position, locks the seat down to eliminate movement, and deploys an inflatable tubular airbag across the driver's and first officer's side windows. This side-curtain airbag protects and cushions the head and neck to reduce movement and the chance of head contact with the roof.

Traffic deaths are the leading cause of firefighter death, and 60% of all traffic deaths involve a roll. In extensive testing conducted on several Pierce cabs in conjunction with Indiana Mill and Manufacturing's Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, the system demonstrated the potential to reduce rollover related head and neck injuries by 97% among firefighters.