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TAK-4® Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology

Oshkosh's TAK-4® independent suspension delivers a ride that's up to three times smoother than a straight-axle design. The advantages of this system are obvious as soon as you take a truck off-road. Up to 16 inches of wheel travel in the military version, means that your average pothole, log, boulder and gully are no match for this mobility enhancing design.

Better ride quality is only the beginning. TAK-4 independent suspension dramatically improves off-road mobility, helping the U.S. Marine Corp to get equipment, supplies and personnel up over and around the ugliest terrain on the planet. This suspension also reduces wear-and-tear on truck components and improves braking in many applications – up to 24% better in a typical fire truck.

Oshkosh has subjected its rugged, patented design to more than 80,000 miles of performance and durability testing in some of the harshest environments and terrains imaginable. It has proven its ability in combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Oshkosh originally designed TAK-4 independent suspension for off-road military applications, yet today all of Oshkosh's medium-payload tactical trucks and ARFF vehicles are equipped with it. Plus, more than 50% of Pierce® fire trucks sport the ride-enhancements of TAK-4 independent front suspension.

Our next generation TAK-4i™ intelligent independent suspension system has taken mobility and maneuverability to new heights; with 20 inches of wheel travel, enhanced shock absorption and braking power, adjustable suspension height, and a single reduction axle.

As we constantly improve to provide our customers with an unparalleled independent suspension technology, our commitment to quality innovation keeps widening the gap between Oshkosh and everyone else.