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Oshkosh TerraMax™
  Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology (UGV)

Oshkosh's TerraMax™ Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology (UGV) uses autonomous navigation to get the job done without putting anyone in harm's way. Designed as a kit for use on any tactical wheeled vehicle, TerraMax advances perception, localization and motion planning to protect Warfighters from threats and increase performance in autonomous missions.

The Oshkosh TerraMax UGV is capable of supervised autonomous navigation in either a lead or follow role and has been field-proven with thousands of on and off road miles. Its multi-sensor system combines with novel registration techniques to provide accurate positioning estimates without needing to rely on continuous tracking through a lead vehicle or GPS signals.

When equipped the Oshkosh TerraMax UGV, each vehicle is capable of navigation to the objective independently. This not only facilitates tight convoy formation, but also enables the composition of the convoy to change as demanded by traffic conditions, road blockages or other obstructive situations.

Since it's designed, engineered and built by Oshkosh, the Oshkosh TerraMax UGV is fully integrated onto the vehicle to minimize system vulnerability while enabling Advanced Driver Assist Systems such as Electronic Stability Control, Collision Mitigation Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control. This provides for more streamlined installation, safer operation and more advanced autonomous control.