Oshkosh Corporation partners with Microsoft to accelerate Oshkosh’s digital transformation and unlock next-era productivity



OSHKOSH, Wis. (October 5, 2021)   Oshkosh Corporation today announced the expansion of their partnership with Microsoft, including a new long-term agreement to leverage Microsoft Azure/M365 Government platforms to accelerate Oshkosh’s digital transformation strategy. Oshkosh is working with Microsoft to apply Azure AI, IoT and other digital technologies to enable Oshkosh’s Intelligent Products, Digital Manufacturing and Workplace of the Future initiatives. 

Oshkosh Corporation is establishing a unified data and hybrid cloud strategy across all Oshkosh business units, which is enabled through Azure. This advanced infrastructure allows Oshkosh Corporation to enhance its digital business capabilities in IoT, Advanced Analytics and intelligent automation, which are key enablers to the Company’s strategic and financial objectives. “These advanced capabilities help as we engineer new products and provide technology solutions that can transform industries,” said John Pfeifer, Oshkosh Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer. “Oshkosh Corporation is committed to providing intelligent solutions so customers can safely and effectively build, protect and serve communities across the world.”

In addition to helping Oshkosh deliver innovative solutions to better serve its customers, Azure AI and IoT solutions are helping Oshkosh to digitize its manufacturing operations. For example, the companies are building an IoT edge computing architecture, which when combined with Advanced Analytics can unlock a multitude of use cases including predictive maintenance, three-dimensional asset tracking and Digital Twin manufacturing capability. 

To expand its workplace of the future initiative, Oshkosh Corporation is leveraging Microsoft 365 Government and implementing the Microsoft Teams platform to enable efficient and secure remote work operations. By pairing these Microsoft platforms with AI-based technology, Oshkosh is offloading mundane tasks, increasing collaboration and providing team members with more purposeful work. “Microsoft’s solutions are helping to expand our use of data for better business insights and provide team members with the information they need to do their jobs faster and more efficiently,” said Anupam Khare, Oshkosh Corporation Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

“Our collaboration and collective vision are allowing us to harness the innovative spirit and technology expertise Oshkosh has gained from more than a century of designing and manufacturing some of the world’s toughest vehicles and equipment,” said Rick Wagner, President, Microsoft Federal. “Together, we’re creating innovative digital business capabilities that will unlock the next era of productivity for Oshkosh’s customers, operations and team members.”


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