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Intelligent Products

The products we create don’t just get the job done. They help our customers uncover ways to do the job better. From integrated telematics technology to advanced analytics programs, we’re constantly inventing new ways to gather detailed information from our products— then helping owners and operators translate that knowledge into action.

Advanced telematics

Our proprietary telematics systems collect raw data from connected products around the world, providing our machine learning algorithms and data science teams with the information needed to provide actionable intelligence to our customers. By enabling and analyzing digital communications to and from vehicles, we provide insights owners and operators can use to maintain equipment health, improve utilization and simplify fleet management.

Oshkosh S-Series front discharge concrete placement vehicle

Empowering smart fleet management

Silvi Materials, a longtime customer and leading concrete provider, approached us with the goal of gaining new insights into their fleet operations.

Oshkosh Corporation and Silvi collaborated to identify new ways to gather data around job site operations by outfitting 45 S-Series front discharge concrete mixers with a telematics package that gave them visibility into the phases of each job, providing data that was not available to them before. Most significantly, the new telematics solution allowed Silvi to automatically capture and seamlessly integrate crucial truck status data with their existing systems. Today, we’re continuing to explore additional technologies capable of tapping into new data streams and uncovering insights that increase operational efficiency and optimize total cost of ownership.

Augmented Reality

At Oshkosh Corporation, we’re always seeking new ways to help our customers make the most of our products. Our latest innovations in Augmented Reality (AR) do just that, arming customers with the technology they need to quickly solve real-world problems. We provide customers with augmented reality solutions to help them manage job sites effectively, providing detailed information around vehicles and equipment they can use to identify—and address—many challenges that arise on site.

Visualizing a safer, more productive job site

Managing an active worksite is a complex task. JLG set out to simplify the job site with the JLG Augmented Reality App, which leverages AR technology to help customers achieve a safe and more productive job site. Operators can move virtual machines around the job site with the Machine Visualization tool. The Annual Inspection Assistance tool assists them in performing maintenance. And the Assistant Kit Visualization tool allows users to place virtual attachments or accessories on machines. The AR app leverages connected JLG equipment to collect and display the data construction professionals need for fast and accurate project planning and equipment management.