Sustainability at Oshkosh

Sustainability goes well beyond environmental responsibility. At Oshkosh, a century of experience has driven us to think about things more broadly. Here, sustainability is about more than just caring for our planet—it means creating a company, a culture and a world that will thrive far into the future.

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2018 report

Our approach

Our goal is simple: improve every day. It’s not just a mission, it’s an obligation to our stakeholders, our planet and ourselves. Our ability to make a difference for customers, suppliers, investors, team members and communities is dependent on our commitment to understanding their perspectives and acting on the insights they provide. We work hard to foster an open dialogue with the people who count on us, gathering the information we need to position ourselves and our stakeholders for the next 100 years of progress.

Engaging people and communities

Progress is made possible by people. We continue to foster and strengthen a People First culture across the globe, empowering and engaging customers, team members and communities in our efforts to build a more sustainable future.

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Caring for the environment

The future is brighter with a healthier planet. We’re working to minimize adverse impacts on the environment and promote resource conservation throughout the company, taking action to limit emissions, reduce waste and conserve energy at facilities around the world.

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Developing innovative products

In order to sustain our impact for the next 100 years, we must continue pushing the limits of possibility. That’s why we’re putting more than 800 active patents to work across our portfolio of ten leading brands. We embrace a strategy of cross-portfolio innovations such as hybrid lifts and compressed natural gas (CNG) concrete mixers and refuse trucks, that serve our customers’ needs and set us apart in our industry. 

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Operating safely

At Oshkosh, safety is a top priority. Our robust Safety Management System represents our commitment to building a world-class health and safety program, and has helped us keep our incident rate at half the industry average. 

Tracking our sustainability efforts

We diligently measure our progress against our goals over time, regularly updating stakeholders across our communities and reporting our development in key areas.