Male engineer operating a driving simulator with three tv monitors


At Oshkosh Corporation, we’re not just reimagining what’s possible – we’re developing technologies and breakthrough solutions that drive global progress. Our engineers continuously push boundaries that drive transformative change to bring cutting-edge innovation to the industries we serve around the world.

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Driving innovation

Our engineers are the driving force behind some of the toughest, most sophisticated vehicles and technologies on the planet. And at the core of their success is our culture of innovation, enabling them to turn bold ideas into reality.

We prioritize the wellbeing and development of our team members, recognizing that their growth and fulfillment are crucial to our shared purpose. Through mentorship, training and a supportive environment, we ensure our team members have the resources and opportunities to realize their potential.

White McNeilus® Volterra™ ZSL™ electric refuse collection vehicle driving in a city

McNeilus® Volterra™ ZSL™ electric refuse collection vehicle


Every project is guided by our commitment to excellence and dedication to creating intelligent solutions that deliver exceptional results. From developing electric and autonomous vehicle applications for a multitude of industries to creating integrated systems that actively safeguards users, the embrace of advanced technologies is evident in the work we do. An example is the Oshkosh purpose-built, first-of-its-kind, fully integrated refuse collection vehicle developed from the ground up with our customers and end users in mind. The vehicle supports a full days’ refuse collection on a single charge and zero emissions, reaffirming our commitment to advancing sustainability.

STEM engagement

We believe in igniting the passion for STEM at an early age, empowering the next generation of innovators. Through strategic partnerships, hands-on experiences and educational initiatives, we foster an inclusive community aimed at inspiring, educating and cultivating future leaders who will drive change.

Female child girl scout with blonde hair and glasses wearing a green girl scout sash playing with a toy vehicle model on a track