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Oshkosh Corporation is a global industrial technology company focused on innovating purpose-built vehicles and equipment. We’re unflinching in our pursuit to overcome the impossible. By combining leading technology, operational strength and the relentless drive of human spirit, we champion and protect everyday heroes, keeping them safe and giving them the courage and confidence to perform some of the toughest jobs in the most efficient way.

United in possibility

At Oshkosh, our portfolio of industry-leading brands is driven by a single purpose: to make a difference in the lives of those who build, serve and protect communities across the globe. To see this through, we dedicate ourselves to more than just our work. We celebrate the strength of our differences and diversity of ideas, experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We innovate solutions that support the best of what humanity can realize and set the course for a stronger future — together.

Core values

Our core values are the foundation for how we live our purpose and ensure an ethical and People First culture where every team member feels valued and empowered to be their full self. We hold ourselves to these standards at every level of the organization and in every interaction inside and outside our walls.

Living the Oshkosh Way goes beyond simply following a set of rules.

We put people first

We respect the impact we have on each other, on the people we serve and in communities around the world.

We do the right thing

We respect our environment, both where we work and the planet we rely on.

We persevere

We are courageous, steadfast and challenge the impossible to make a difference every day.

We are better together

We rely on diversity to drive innovation and foster an inclusive, empowering environment for all.

Community members volunteering at Oshkosh Corporations Feed the Body, Feed the Soul event

Progress is putting people first

When we say people first, we mean all people. Customers, end users, communities and team members, they are the foundation — and the future — of Oshkosh. We’re committed to fostering a culture that supports, empowers and inspires. Because when we do, we can deliver on our goals and create a tomorrow that belongs to everyone.

John Pfeifer speaking to other Oshkosh executives in a large conference room at the global headquarters

Doing the right thing means being proactive. Ongoing dialogue allows us to work together to find solutions that will make Oshkosh even better.

A middle aged male helping a younger male work on electrical on the inside of a truck cab

We’re dedicated to helping our team members discover their full potential. We’ll provide meaningful experiences, connections and opportunities to empower everyone within our walls to be at their best. When our team members realize their greatest potential, our company does the same.

Group of Oshkosh team members smiling for a group photo as they support the Milwaukee Pride Parade

We all bring unique backgrounds, skills, experiences and knowledge to the table, and want everyone to feel open and confident about being their unique self. Our differences are worth celebrating and strengthen us.

Female on a JLG lift wearing personal protectant equipment fixing the exterior of a building

We all have individual responsibilities, but ensuring they’re completed as safely as possible is a shared responsibility. We comply with all applicable health and safety laws, policies and regulations and encourage others to do the same so that everyone leaves work better than they arrived.

Oshkosh team members and community members crossing the finish line for a United Way outdoor run

Whether you’re at work or at home, we want you to be at your best. We offer a number of inclusive and empowering programs for team members to ensure that no matter where you are in your journey, you can make the greatest impact possible.

Join a culture that puts people first.

Home to a diverse set of individuals, supportive employee business resource groups and a wide variety of perspectives and ideas, consider this your invitation to explore new ways to make a positive impact — at a place where there’s no limit to the difference you can make.

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Innovations that shape the future

With a portfolio of leading brands connected under one unified business, we have the unrivaled ability to collaborate across industries to design, test and refine technologies that push the limits of possibility and transform the way people and communities move the world forward.

Composite of industrial design Oshkosh Corporation vehicles on a black background

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From Wisconsin to the world stage

From Oshkosh to McConnellsburg, Italy to India, Oshkosh works across five continents to build, serve and empower customers and communities around the world.


Even though you won’t find any of its offices or plants outside of its home in The Great White North, MAXIMETAL fire and utility vehicles support everyday heroes.


With plans to make all new cars emission-free by 2030, the Netherlands makes for a fitting location to foster JLG’s focus on electrification and emissions-free work at height.

United Kingdom

Oshkosh has a strong foothold in the United Kingdom, which includes the native home of Power Towers, as well as JLG, AeroTech, Oshkosh Defense and Pierce offices, service centers and manufacturing plants.


Belgium’s roads are lit by 2.2 million bulbs, with 186 bulbs per square mile. Fortunately, when bulbs go out, they can call on several JLG locations and manufacturing plants to help.


Germany may have over 1,000 kinds of sausage, over 1,200 types of cake and around 1,500 breweries, but it’s in Rittenhude where you’ll find a JLG service center.


One-third of China’s massive land area is made up of mountains, including Mount Everest, making this height-centric country a good fit for JLG and AeroTech facilities.


On the banks of the scenic Garonne River, two Tonneins united into one village and today assists JLG in manufacturing its world-leading vertical lifts.

United States

Headquartered in Wisconsin with 135 other locations across the US, Oshkosh has spread far and wide to champion the impossible and move the world forward. Businesses in the US include JLG, Oshkosh Defense, AeroTech, Pierce, Oshkosh Airport Products, Pratt Miller, IMT, Frontline Communications, McNeilus, Jerr-Dan and the Oshkosh S-Series.


Headquartered in Nogara, Italy, Hinowa manufactures machinery for working at height and moving materials. With a JLG service center in Nogara as well, we’re prepared to help Italian operators find success at virtually any height.


Home to one of the world’s most visited construction sites, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Spain is also home to JLG and AeroTech facilities.

Saudi Arabia

Alongside such landmarks as the world’s largest camel market and Saudi Arabia’s oldest university, one of Oshkosh Defense’s offices also calls Riyadh home.


Matching Oshkosh’s focus on AI, autonomy and visionary tech, the United Arab Emirates was an apt location to expand JLG, AeroTech, Oshkosh Defense and Pierce.


Within the populous birthplace of wireless communication, chess and fiber optics, you’ll also find service centers for state-of-the-art JLG and AeroTech equipment.


JLG and AeroTech both have manufacturing plants in Mexico, home to the developing world’s first climate change law. JLG and AeroTech are focused on innovations that will create a more sustainable future.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s International Airport is the same size as 20 soccer fields. Fortunately, they have JLG and AeroTech service centers nearby to keep their equipment optimized.


Singapore is among the 20 smallest countries in the world, but Oshkosh has an established presence in this exciting city-state with offices for JLG, AeroTech and Pierce.


The world leader in World Cup wins and coffee exports, plus other records, makes Brazil an ideal home for offices and manufacturing plants for JLG, the world leader in access.


It may be the smallest continent (yet largest country) on the globe, but as many as seven service centers supporting JLG and AeroTech dot the landscape down under.

New Zealand

Auckland is home to the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere and New Zealand’s only JLG service center.

It started with a patent
and a mission

Oshkosh Corporation was founded in 1917, driven by a breakthrough four-wheel drive system that gave people the courage and confidence to go places they never thought they could. Today, we have thousands of Oshkosh team members putting a multitude of active patented technologies to work serving, developing and connecting communities around the world.

A group of people standing around a truck from the early 1900's


William Besserdich and Bernhard Mosling use their groundbreaking four-wheel-drive designs as the foundation for the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company, founded May 1, 1917. They quickly obtain funding to develop and produce their first four-wheel-drive truck prototype, known as Old Betsy.

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our history of combining leading technology and operational strength helps empower and protect the everyday hero.

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