Our internship program is designed to provide students with both meaningful work and an immersive experience in our People First culture. Our goal is to empower our interns by providing them a platform to grow, learn and contribute to our collective mission of making a difference in people’s lives.

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We cultivate an environment that fuels a transformative journey of self-discovery for our interns. By immersing themselves in real-world challenges, our interns unlock their talents and strengths, fostering personal growth and empowerment. 

Through meaningful work, valuable connections and personal and professional development opportunities interns not only prepare themselves for their career aspirations, but also uncover exciting career paths aligned with their passions. 


Internship areas


Launch your career in finance or accounting by mastering invoicing procedures, making strategic modifications to delivery orders, compiling essential information from sales and more.

Digital Technology

Gain practical experience in fields like data processing, cybersecurity and software usage. Master cutting-edge applications and establish a solid foundation for a career in tech.


Join us for an immersive experience and test your engineering skills in electrification, telematics, autonomy and active safety, digital manufacturing and more.

Human Resources

Experience the impact of helping team members grow and enhance their careers by analyzing our people data and contributing to strategic decision making while putting people first.


Turn your passion for storytelling into purpose. From social media campaigns to blogs and internal communications, you’ll be part of telling our story of innovation and progress.


Experience firsthand our pursuit of continuous improvement as you partner with management to ensure a smooth flow of production and oversee expansive projects.


You’ll play a crucial role in the sales process, bridging the gap between us and our valued customers, turning connections into conversions.

Supply Chain

From managing logistics and carriers to working with compliance and cost savings, you’ll tackle a range of freight-related tasks, experiencing the global impact of our supply chain operations.


Contribute to our company’s success through internships in other areas like legal, aftermarket, contracts, aviation, business development, safety, sustainability and simplification. 

Growth and development

We prioritize professional development to help our interns not only excel in their future careers but also discover their true potential. Through our comprehensive program, we provide students with the experience, mentorship and guidance to uncover their unique strengths and talents. We believe that by empowering our interns to explore and develop their potential, we set the foundation for long-term success.

 Students pointing at a firetruck.

Professional networking

Our internship program offers exceptional networking opportunities, allowing interns to build valuable connections with professionals across the organization. A highlight of the program is the end-of-the-year exposition, where interns present their learnings to full-time team members, showcasing their growth and accomplishments. This serves as a valuable platform for networking and provides interns an opportunity to facilitate connections that will support their future careers.

 Intern showcasing a posterboard of information regarding their internship accomplishments to leaders at the organization

Social events

We believe that building meaningful connections and having fun is critical to both personal and professional success. Throughout our internship program, we organize various social events designed to provide these opportunities and create lasting relationships. From team bonding activities to group outings, our interns have ample opportunities to connect with their colleagues and experience our unique, People First culture firsthand.

 Group of students sitting in the grass at a baseball game.

Our internship experience allows students the opportunity to be a part of our People First culture, work on significant projects and make a difference in people’s lives. We’re honored to be recognized by RippleMatch as a 2023 Campus Forward Award recipient.

RippleMatch 2023 Campus Forward Program award logo with white and gold text 

Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of the internship program? And what type of internships are offered?

The duration of an internship can vary based on the opportunity and requirements. We offer summer- and year-round internships as well as six- or twelve-month co-ops. It’s important to check the internship posting for details on the expected time commitment and duration.

What is the application process for the internship program?

Once your application has been submitted via Workday, our early talent programs team will assess your qualifications and invite you to a phone screen, if applicable. Select candidates will move to the interview stage. Those receiving a formal offer will undergo a pre-employment screening to ensure a seamless start to the program. In some cases, second- or third-round interviews may occur by a hiring manager’s request.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

Our internships are paid. We recognize the time and talent our interns bring to the organization and understand that internships are often a steppingstone toward building a successful career, so we want to ensure our interns are provided the resources they need to thrive.

What kind of training or onboarding will be provided at the beginning of the internship?

We kick off the program with an intern-specific orientation to learn about our culture, values and business strategies, providing a solid foundation for success. From there, we take a collaborative approach to goal setting, enabling interns to create a roadmap for personal and professional growth throughout the program. Interns also receive specialized and tailored, role-specific training, gaining the knowledge and expertise to confidently contribute to our projects and initiatives.

Can interns receive academic credit for their participation in the internship program?

Yes, as long as the intern provides the university-required documentations, we will complete it to ensure they receive academic credit for their work.

Are there any additional perks or benefits associated with the internship program?

Our internship program provides a range of additional benefits to enhance the overall experience for students. These perks include networking, mentorship, paid holidays, professional development, volunteer opportunities, relocation assistance, “dress for your day” and competitive compensation. We believe these additional benefits help to create a well-rounded and rewarding internships experience at our organization.

Are there opportunities for interns to be considered for full-time employment after completion of the program?

Our internship program is not just a temporary experience; it’s a pathway to a meaningful and fulfilling career. We aim is to cultivate talent and empower exceptional interns who meet our performance standards to become full-time team members.
Oshkosh Corporation is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Oshkosh Corporation will provide equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, or veteran status. Information collected regarding categories as provided by law will in no way affect the decision regarding an employment application.

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