If you’re looking to gain meaningful work experience, be a part of our People First culture and get paid to make a difference, then our internship program is for you. Our internships offer experiences to current college students that open doors to new possibilities. We encourage our interns to be extremely hands-on and experiential in the work they do every day.

Are you ready to start your internship with Oshkosh?

Work on projects that matter

We value creativity, innovation and fresh perspectives. Like our full-time team members, our interns are trusted with the responsibility of managing their own work and projects. These projects are instrumental to our business and, we trust our interns to tackle them because we believe in their ability to do amazing work.

Girl in a green sweater leaning against a whiteboard

Finding your passion

Internships provide a great opportunity for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life projects. For Data Analyst Aubrey Green, the possibilities of where her career could take her were endless. Aubrey started her journey in the Internal Audit team where she actively participated on many different audits. Both her experiences in this role and the team members she encountered made her realize she had a passion to grow in other areas of the company, including International Shared Services. Upon graduation, she combined her past internship experiences and joined the Ethics & Compliance team. Today, Aubrey continues to grow within the organization and works on the Advanced Analytics team where she is thriving and enjoying the work she gets to do each day.

It is a great experience with relevant work and you truly feel like you matter at Pierce.”

Intern, Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh truly values their interns and treats them well, proven by countless opportunities to connect with other interns and team members.”

Intern, Oshkosh Corporation

Not only did I gain great experience at Oshkosh, I was also able to contribute and bring something valuable to the table.”

Intern, Oshkosh Corporation

Gain the experience of a lifetime 

Our interns work in several areas throughout the United States including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Interns are provided broad spectrum exposure to our teams and leaders as well as one-of-a-kind experiences with our products, no matter where they’re located. Interns have had the opportunity to go up in our JLG Ultra Boom® Lift, ride in our JLTV and other defense vehicles, attend lunch-and-learns with our company leaders and many interns get to travel to our global headquarters for our annual Intern Expo. Through these fun experiences, our interns not only get to see our products firsthand, they get to see the value behind the equipment and gain a better understanding of how they’re built.