Driven to lead. Built to last.

It started with a patent and a mission: to design and build innovative products that power global progress. Oshkosh Corporation was founded in 1917, driven by a breakthrough four-wheel drive system that gave people the courage and confidence to go places they never thought they would. Today, more than 14,000 Oshkosh team members are putting over 850 active patented technologies to work serving, developing and connecting communities around the world.

Born in Wisconsin. Making a difference around the world.
From Hagerstown to Houston, Italy to India, we’re working across five continents to build, serve and empower customers and communities around the world.

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It’s an honor to be a part of building something that saves people’s lives.”


They raise the bar with every truck. It gets better every single time.”


We're part of a team that wants to win, but win the right way. We do things ethically.”


Our history of combining leading technology and operational strength helps empower and protect the everyday hero.”

John Pfeifer, President and Chief Executive Officer

More than a century of moving the world forward

In 1915, William Besserdich and Bernhard Mosling patented their innovative four-wheel drive system. Unable to find a buyer for their design, they endeavored to realize its promise themselves. That marked the start of Oshkosh Corporation—and set the tone for the next century. Ten brands, five continents and more than 850 active patents later, we’re still dreaming up new and better ways to make a difference around the world.