Oshkosh S-Series front discharge mixer helps advance industry with customer-centric innovation

February 2, 2022



Being part of the Oshkosh Corporation portfolio means innovation runs deep. For more than 100 years, team members in the Oshkosh Corporation family have tirelessly developed products, services and solutions to allow customers to do their jobs efficiently and safely. Today, that focus on innovation continues to ring true with the Oshkosh® S-Series™, a front-discharge concrete placement vehicle that helps support growth and development in communities around the United States.




First launched in 1981, the Oshkosh S-Series truck helps mixer operators perform vehicle functions right from their fingertips while at the jobsite and on the road. Oshkosh’s highly capable engineers wove together the latest in industry-leading technology along with extensive feedback from product operators and fleet professionals to redesign the Oshkosh S-Series mixer. Multiple design enhancements have made a significant impact on product operators, including greater payload capability compared to the Legacy Oshkosh S-Series. The Oshkosh S-Series is lighter than the Legacy vehicle, which, depending on configuration, can mean greater payload capability. An increased payload can mean fewer trips to the jobsite – helping with efficiency and caring for product operators. These efficiencies also align with Oshkosh’s sustainability and environmental goals by managing fuel usage between jobsites and batch plants.

White S-Series front discharge mixer outside on a sunny day driving on gravel

Oshkosh S-Series front discharge mixer

Leveraging Oshkosh’s deep experience performing in rugged and off-road conditions, mobility is another area where the Oshkosh S-Series front discharge mixer was enhanced to better serve product operators. Compared to the Legacy model, the Oshkosh S-Series has an over 25% improved turning radius. Whether on city streets or new developments on rugged terrain, maneuverability is critical for the operator to correctly position the vehicle and gain access to some of the tightest spaces.

“By partnering hand-in-hand with customers and S-Series operators, we utilized their feedback to make many design modifications geared to support driver retention, safety and fleet performance,” said Sara Fedderly, Oshkosh S-Series Business Unit Director and General Manager. “Focusing on the key areas of payload, maneuverability and visibility, we’ve been able to enhance the operator experience while they do critical work on jobsites.”

With product operators responsible for managing the job execution, visibility is critical to their success and jobsite safety. Operators must have a good line of sight to ensure the jobsite is unobstructed and that they are able to efficiently, accurately and safely pour concrete. As such, the windshield size of the Oshkosh S-Series was increased compared to the Legacy vehicle. This allows greater visibility for the vehicle operators while they are operating the S-Series on the road and on jobsites.



Red Oshkosh S-Series front discharge mixer showing off its turning radius outdoors on a sunny day

The Oshkosh S-Series front discharge mixer's turning radius allows operators the confidence to maneuver through various operating conditions.


Benefitting from Oshkosh’s cross-portfolio innovation, patented ClearSky™ telematics technology has provided Oshkosh S-Series customers the ability to leverage product data to support their business. Oshkosh’s telematics solution comes standard on the newer model S-Series trucks and gives fleet professionals actionable information that can be used to help maintain fleet health, monitor performance and assist with productivity. The ClearSky system collects data from the S-Series trucks, sends it via cellular network to Oshkosh’s servers and then customers can access it from the ClearSky online portal. The ClearSky™ data feeds then allow customers to understand how they can continue to optimize fleet performance and health.

“Being part of the Oshkosh portfolio has allowed the S-Series team to quickly adopt telematics technology to our new models,” said Fedderly. “ClearSky™ was first launched at Oshkosh’s JLG Industries business, has given us the opportunity to utilize important, actionable data to optimize fleet wellbeing by working closely with our customers.” 

S-Series powering your fleet graphic on green background and icons showing the process

The Oshkosh S-Series mixers are one of many products in Oshkosh’s connected portfolio that help move the world forward. At Oshkosh Corporation, we engineer new technologies to allow product operators to do their job safely and efficiently without sacrificing quality or product performance.

To learn more about our innovations at Oshkosh that supports those who build, serve and protect communities, visit our brands & innovation.