Oshkosh shines at ACT Expo

June 5, 2024


As innovators of purpose-built vehicles and equipment, Oshkosh Corporation was proud to display its newest fleet technology during the 2024 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas. ACT Expo is the largest advanced commercial vehicle technology trade show where industry leaders immerse themselves in trends, policies, solutions and technologies transforming advanced clean transportation.


Oshkosh leads the way in electrifying route-based commercial fleet vehicles and has introduced industry-altering electrified products in nearly every end market we serve. To demonstrate the depth and breadth of our advanced engineering capabilities, we displayed two of our electrified, route-based fleet vehicles and a bespoke high voltage power distribution unit (PDU) at the show.

• Next Generation Delivery Vehicle: The NGDV, designed for the United States Postal Service (USPS), is a modern, safe and dependable vehicle that will connect every home and business across the United States. This American-made vehicle represents the innovation and reliability that mail carriers have anticipated.

• The McNeilus® Volterra™ ZSL™: The Volterra ZSL is North America’s first fully integrated, zero-emission electric refuse and recycling collection vehicle (eRCV). It delivers exceptional ergonomic benefits and outstanding total cost of ownership. The Volterra ZSL eRCV features a driver-first design and technology to optimize ease of operation, safety, visibility, maneuverability and comfort. The vehicle has earned zero-emission certifications from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

• High Voltage (HV) Power Distribution Unit (PDU): This prototype, developed by our Pratt Miller business, is a custom solution designed to deliver power to all critical loads within an electric vehicle (EV) system, including traction and auxiliary loads, while protecting electrical and electronic components and vehicle occupants with reliable circuit protection solutions.


McNeilus® Volterra™ ZSL™ at 2024 ACT Expo

McNeilus® Volterra™ ZSL™ electric refuse collection vehicle

The High Voltage (HV) Power Distribution Unit (PDU) by Pratt Miller at 2024 ACT Expo

Pratt Miller High Voltage (HV) Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

“ACT Expo is attended by professionals with a wide range of responsibilities across the clean transportation sectors, including fleet managers, suppliers, design engineers, sustainability officers, users and more,” said Jennifer Stiansen, vice president of global branding and communication, Oshkosh Corporation. “Oshkosh fills a unique niche in the electric vehicle space, leveraging our advanced technology to bring electrified fleet solutions to a multitude of end markets including construction, fire and emergency, airport ground support, refuse and recycling and defense.”

Oshkosh purpose-built electric fleet vehicles are well suited for use where vehicles start and stop at the same home base each day.

“Many of our vehicles follow fixed routes, like refuse collection and mail delivery, or serve a specific industry, like a fire truck,” said Matt Schriener, vice president of program management. “We build solutions with those routes in mind, which reduces range anxiety because those vehicles travel between set points each day where charging happens in between shifts or service calls. The unpredictability of charging station locations and wait times is alleviated.”


As an industrial technology company with more than two decades of expertise in electrification, Oshkosh excels at designing and implementing differentiated electrified features on our products. The technology we develop enables people to do their jobs safer, more efficiently and more sustainably – all while enhancing overall performance.

More information about our Electric Vehicle solutions is available on our website.